This was written back in 2012 when we were completely inexperienced, don't expect the code to be any good.

Welcome to Online Windows 8's official website !
Online Windows 8 is an online simulation of Windows 8 made by Tim Nguyen, link6155, DaKoder, and blindbartemais. It has tons of features and tools, all based on Metro UI. It was made completely out of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You will love this feature-filled online simulator for "metrofying" your online experience!
- Startscreen
- Logon screen
- Lockscreen
- Desktop
- Over 20 apps to play with, including but not limited to:
-- Cut the Rope
-- Angry Birds
-- Fruit Ninja
-- Calculator
-- Calendar
-- Weather
-- Metro IE
-- Grooveshark
-- Photos
- Any many more apps! Try out the demo and download it now!

v 2.0
Download Firefox webapp